CEP 810: Learning to Play an Acoustic Guitar

This project proved more difficult than I thought. I went through a divorce a few years ago and in the wake of it, I went on a spree of doing and learning things I had always wanted to as a kind of therapy. Subsequently, I’m left with little I still want to learn beyond a foreign language. YouTube and help forums did not strike me as an ideal way to learn a language.  I also eliminated anything where someone I knew was an expert because I knew I would be too tempted to ask him or her if I got frustrated. So, I posted on Facebook to get suggestions as nothing sprung to mind.  I counted on friends and family members to offer helpful suggestions. Many were not. I finally narrowed down my options to juggling and playing the guitar. Both seemed challenging enough and engaging enough to keep me interested. Plus, both seemed like they may provide for excellent future stories. As a friend offered to let me borrow her guitar, I decided that learning to play an acoustic guitar was the winner. It seems like it will provide a sufficient challenge. I have the added challenge that I am deaf in one ear so sound dependent activities like playing an instrument can be difficult. My goal is to learn the basic chords and hopefully a song. I have no idea what song at the moment, but a relatively simple one is the most attainable goal. This should be interesting or at least very entertaining to watch.

The guitar I was loaned to use for this project.

The guitar I was loaned to use for this project.


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