CEP810: TPACK Quickfire Activity

This week in class we were given the challenge to have someone select a plate, a bowl, and a utensil for us without knowing what they would be used for. The person then also drew a slip to select which of the five activities we would need to complete, again without knowing why.

The goal of the assignment is to demonstrate how to use tools that may or may not be ideal for a project to accomplish a goal. This is a common issue I address everyday in the classroom. Students believe they can only create if they have the exact tool available, which is rarely the case. I point out that when they work as a designer later on things will frequently go wrong or there may not be a big enough budget for your dream tools. Good designers can still get the job done. Good teachers also have to be adaptable to technology failing or not having the ideal supplies/technology for their classroom.

This further connects to the topic of the week, TPACK or Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge. This system involves the intersection of Content, Pedagogy and Technology for effective teaching and technology integration. (http://www.matt-koehler.com/tpack/what-is-tpack/) In this activity, the technology is the utensil, plate, and bowl used to complete the task. The content is chosen task. The pedagogy is the knowledge of how the task is normally accomplished as well as what the items provided can do. I had to solve how to use the technology to accomplish the content based on the pedagogy associated with my task and chosen items.


Koehler , Dr Matthew J . “What is TPACK? | TPACK.org.” tpack.org. N.p., n.d. Web. 19 Oct. 2013. <http://www.matt-koehler.com/tpack/what-is-tpack/&gt;.


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