Katie KrcmarikMy name is Katie Krcmarik. I teach Graphic Design at Mott Community College in Flint, MI. I teach in the classroom and online. I also do advising for them, helping guide students through their programs. Additionally, I work as a freelance Graphic Designer creating print and website projects. I am starting my eighth year teaching and my fifteenth year as a designer.

I have a BFA in Studio Art/Graphic Design from Wayne State University. I did graduate work at Michigan State also in Studio Art/Graphic Design. I’m excited to begin combining my design background and teaching experience to pursue a Master of Arts in Educational Technology.

In my free time (what little there is), I have taken up letterpress printing and screen printing. The photo posted here is of metal type used in letterpress printing. While I love new technology, I find exploring older technology rewarding. There is nothing that compares to printing by hand. One of the other faculty members and I are working on a project to have students design type and then we will use the latest technology in Mott’s Fab Lab to create wood type for printing. It’s a great way to bridge new and old technology.

I also like reading (I read about a book a week) and I am an avid cook and baker. My students and coworkers appreciate the baking part as I often make food for them. I find baking to be a relaxing activity, but do not really like eating what I bake. I don’t have a sweet tooth. Most people find that very strange, but are all to happy to enjoy the product of this paradox.


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