CEP 800 Course Work

Below you will all course work completed for CEP 800, Psychology of Learning in School and Other Settings.

Assignment 1: Interview
For this assignment, we needed to interview someone to discern their knowledge about a subject. I interviewed a former student to see what he retained about the subject of Typography.


Assignment 2: Digital Storytelling
We were tasked with telling a story about learners learning. The learners could be of any age. The learning could involve any new concept, information, or skill. We then had to connect it to one of learning theories we have been studying. In my case, I highlighted the last project of my Intro to Graphic Design class. The assignment highlight Piaget’s adaptation theory.


Assignment 3: Lesson Plan
A lesson plan constructed to put to use technology as a tool to support learning in the classroom.

Assignment 4: Reflection
This assignment required a final reflection on my lesson plan after implementing it to a group of former students and professionals.
Download: krcmarik_reflection


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