CEP817 Course Work

All individual and group course work for CEP 817: Learning Technology by Design can be found here. The course focuses on design and utilizing it to create effective teaching experiences.

55 Fiction Assignment

Group Phor Logo

Big Kahuna Project Website

Big Kahuna Topic

Big Kahuna Brainstorming

Big Kahuna Subverting Presentation Tools
The goal of this assignment was to design an online presentation that breaks the traditional presentation format. Unfortunately, you cannot insert sound with Google presentations. I would have preferred to have sound with greater explanation in addition to the pop-ups.

Investigating New Technologies
Our group investigated four technologies this week: VoiceThread, Jing, Prezi, and Wikispaces. Click the above link in order to view our complete report.

Implementing Web 2.0 Technologies
My plan to begin implementing Web 2.0 technologies in my Big Kahuna project.

Big Kahuna Website Draft Feedback Report
This report provides a summary of group feedback on my Big Kahuna project.

Big Kahuna Testing and Feedback

Final Reflection Paper
This is my final reflection on the course and my Big Kahuna project.


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