Big Kahuna Brainstorming

Assignment: Brainstorm on some of the possible genres (or representations, e.g. poetry, narrative or lecture text, images or photographs, PowerPoint, graphs/charts, comparative tables, etc. etc.) that you might possibly be able to incorporate into your Big Kahuna page. First think of all of the possibilities that might work for you, then post or discuss with your group to get some feedback on these and any other genres that you might not have originally thought of. Be creative!

My Brainstorming Efforts

  • Photos/Graphics of terminology and examples of type in use
  • Video explanations of terminology and how to pair typefaces together
  • Short games to test skills
  • Written descriptions
  • Interactive dictionary of terminology
  • Chart on how to choose a typeface
  • Flowchart for choosing a typeface – could potentially be interactive instead of static
  • Create compositions that are then submitted for feedback
  • Quizzes to test understanding/knowledge
  • Teach about parts of type by having walk through examples of identifying a typeface (not sure about the exact form they would take)
  • Downloadable lecture PowerPoints or other similar item for instructors
  • Gallery or other similar place to submit examples
  • Links to additional resources

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