Big Kahuna Testing and Feedback

Our course project development involved more than just the creating of materials. We also had to seek out feedback on our projects. The evaluation was supposed to come from our target audience. As my target audience was rather broad, I posted my project and survey to Facebook. I opened it up to my students, design professionals, and other non designers to get a broad base of feedback. Students are my main target audience, but the other two groups are my secondary audiences.

Big Kahuna User Testing Form
I developed a Google form to deploy for user testing. I plan to post it to our department Facebook group as well as my general Facebook page along with link to the website for potential users to evaluate. I tried to keep my questionnaire on the shorter side because respondents will be doing it at home and I want to encourage the feedback. I feel too long of a questionnaire would be a deterrent from personal experience. The questions focus on the design including colors, images, and fonts; the navigation; the overall use of the site; and the quality of instruction. I offer ample options for more detailed feedback from users. I choose Google forms because I can easily deploy it through the web and because it collects the feedback into a spreadsheet.

Big Kahuna User Testing Feedback
Overall the feedback was positive. There really weren’t any major issues noted. I think I’m harder on myself than my evaluators were. The evaluations were anonymous to hopefully encourage better feedback.

From my perspective, there was a lot more in terms of interactivity that I wanted to create. I still plan to work on the project to make it better. I would like to offer a variety of ways to interact with the material so multiple learning styles are covered. I would also like to develop more materials of my own instead of linking to materials from other people.


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