Big Kahuna Topic

Typography is typically seen as both an art form and from a technique perspective. Typography involves the visual aspects of the written word such as what type typeface you choose and how the words are arranged on the page. It’s something that continues to evolve over time. There are technical aspects that every graphic design student learns, but there is also art to setting it. It’s perhaps the hardest thing for students to learn. Even professionals who have worked for a long time are still trying to perfect their craft.

There are a number of resources out there for typography. Most are written at a level that is hard for the beginner to comprehend. My goal is to create a resource that is easy for anyone to understand, even those outside of the field. By making it more relatable, students will better be able to adapt the material. For non professional, it may get them to think beyond just their initial impressions (and hopefully realize there is more to than just selecting a font from the list). Professionals could even use it to bone up on their skills. I would ideally also like to include skill checks that would allow a user to demonstrate that they understand the concept.

My main audience for the website is graphic design students who are learning typography. Students are always looking for resources to assist them as are instructors who want to point to resources that can better support them in the classroom. As I mentioned, above, the secondary audiences would be non-designers who have an interest in the topic and professionals who wish to bone up on their skills. This is a somewhat broad audience, but in a lot of ways, the students and non-designers are similar in terms of starting skills and needs.


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