Big Kahuna Website Draft Feedback Report

After completing a draft of my Big Kahuna project, I sought out feedback from my group members about the project. They offered fresh opinions on the project. In general, they liked the website and thought it was informative. Hersch in particular felt that there might be too much content. I wondered that myself, but felt this was the minimum to teach about the subject. Typography is a complicated subject and I truly feel these are the basics. I narrowed it down to what I felt was the minimum content. They all felt it was a good way to learn about typography. I am still working on the content and they did note all the places that were missing content or did not go where they were supposed to at this point. This was especially helpful because, while I try to be careful, I sometimes miss things. I know there is content I still need to get up there. I probably should have gotten started on this sooner. I have this problem where I don’t seem to understand how much work something is going to take. I will have all the content up there by the time it is due. Andrea noted that a wider range of content would be beneficial. My plan is to add more interactive content and videos to better address the content.

My group members liked that the site was clean overall. I prefer websites that way myself. There were some minor things that they questioned. The buttons for the quotes have a rotation element built in when you rollover them. Liat felt this was distracting. I can see her point and will consider changing before the final product is due. It was also noted that some links do not visually appear to be links by Hersch. I did understand this point and had that concern also. In the individual sections such as alignment, I want people to click on the name of each alignment to get more information. However, I don’t feel the same is necessary for sections like Type Anatomy. I do note in the text that they are clickable, but perhaps I should add a text link that says find out more.

My group did not have much criticism beyond what I noted above. I would have liked more feedback because that’s how I am. I want feedback even if you like something because I know it can always be better. I do have some things from my evaluation of the site that I would like to change. I would like to fix the rollover navigation at the top to be a darker blue color. I would also change the alignment of the links to left aligned to make it easier read. I would also like to increase the size of the box so it is not so tight against the edges. There are a few graphics that I feel need to be clearer. Most of the rest of what I need to do is to finish adding content and make sure all links are consistently named and navigating to the right places. I also want to set up a Flickr or some other feed for people to add examples of great typography and to set-up the Twitter feed. I may decide to put a type related image behind the text so that it better demonstrates the content of the site. Overall I feel like I’m making good progress. I just need to make a final push to finish it.


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