Group Phor Logo

We needed to come up with a group name and logo to replace our given name. Several suggestions were thrown out relating to the number 4 including quad, quattro, and tetra. We settled on tetra which is s prefix meaning four. From there, I developed some logo concepts. I was especially interested in a thing I found which was five tetrahedrons intertwined. Originally, there were five members to our group so I like that we could incorporate the four from our original name and the five for the number of group members. I worked up a few other concepts related to the tetrahedron.

Final Group Logo Choice


This is one of the concepts that used the five intertwined tetrahedrons. Each tetrahedron is a different color to represent a different person. I preferred the aesthetic sense of tetra in lowercase over all uppercase of traditional title case (first letter capital and the rest lowercase). I wanted the color palette to be harmonious and choose a more jewel tone color palette. I knew these colors would work well online. I choose the sans serif font Avant Garde because I thought it’s roundness was a nice contrast to the angular tetrahedrons and because sans serif fonts usually work well online.

Other Logo Concepts

group4_logo_option5 group4_logo_option4 group4_logo_option3 group4_logo_option2


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