Implementing Web 2.0 Technologies

My group looked at VoiceThread, Jing, Prezi, and Wikispaces. I feel like Prezi is too static for me. It’s just another version of PowerPoint at the heart of it. It’s a great free option for creating presentations, but doesn’t allow for much meaningful interaction for teaching. I feel like Jing can be beneficial because you can take screencasts either of presentations or even of me demonstrating different concepts actually in the software. I feel there are limitations to Jing as a screen casting software, but the general idea of screencasting is good. I may investigate Camtasia, which allows for more functionality. I think VoiceThread has possibilities, but I’m not sure if it exactly meets my needs. I investigated Wikispaces specifically to see how it would work for my classes. Wikispaces is collaborative which intrigues me. I would create the start of the teaching tool and monitor the wiki, but I would be turning it over to the general public to add to the resource. The downside is that I would need to surrender some control over the content. This could be beneficial as there is no way for me to know everything, but that also means misinformation could be a problem also. I’m going to keep the wiki as a possible option.

My goal for my project is to create a resource that provides information and allows for interactive ways to learn the information. I think short screencasts are a must resource. Even a PowerPoint turned on its head like we did for class really isn’t that effective. The ability to combine voice is important. I would the videos could be modeled after the Minute Physics series ( or the videos created by Vsauce ( Both are great examples of explaining things in a simple manner while still being interesting and engaging. I would like to include a forum in order to allow users to contribute examples of good or bad typography to help benefit others with learning. I would even consider taking user created examples and posting a good typography example of the day to the homepage of the site. I would also like to create skills tests and interactive tools to help choose and pair fonts. I can create these using HTML5 interactivity or I could also use a program like Flash. I also could use Flash or Javascript to create interactive games to test skills. With both the skills tests and games, users could post scores and share on Facebook and Twitter. This can increase the social aspect of the site.

Web 2.0 Technology Plan
In order to make these ideas a reality, I have created the following plan in order to try to realize these ideas.

  • Screencasts
    • Determine what content I want for each video.
      • Keep videos between 2 and 5 minutes.
      • Each video should be focused on one particular aspect of typography like kerning or type anatomy.
    • Write script for each video.
    • Create and graphics or imagery needed for the videos.
    • Begin filming/recording the videos.
    • Editing videos.
    • Post videos to site or to YouTube and then embed in the site.
  • Skills Tests
    • Determine technology to use to create them.
    • Complete any tutorials I might need to be able to create the skills tests.
    • Determine exactly what skills tests I want to create.
    • Begin creating the skills tests.
    • Have potential users test the tests to ensure that they work.
    • Post tests to website.
  • Interactive Tool to Choose and Pair Fonts
    • Determine technology used to create them.
    • Complete any necessary tutorials I might need to be able to create the interactive tool.
    • Begin designing the structure behind the tool.
    • Begin creating the interface for the tool.
    • Test the tool with potential users.
    • Post the interactive tool to the site.
  • Font Games
    • Determine technology to use to create them.
    • Complete any tutorials I might need to be able to create the games.
    • Determine exactly what games I want to create.
    • Begin creating the games.
    • Have potential users test the games to ensure that they work.
    • Post games to website.
  • User Forum
    • This one is optional depending on time. I may not be able to complete over the duration of the course.
    • Research technology to create a forum through WordPress or other source.
    • Set-up forum
    • Implement forum on site

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